MobileGov Breaks the Mold

Pivot is excited to announce the launch of one of our newest clients MobileGov!

MobileGov is a Washington DC based business that provides advanced mobility services to Federal, State and Local Governments by blending academic innovation and research with experienced business practices and management techniques.

MobileGov offers its customers a full suite of advanced mobility development solutions including electronic publishing, data collection, workflow applications, crisis management and budget examination.

MobileGov needed a marketing partner that would break the traditional website mold and take some creative risks with their site design. This cutting edge business wanted a site that would reflect their sleek and sophisticated company culture and set them apart from competitors. Additionally, MobileGov was looking for a unique way to showcase their business model to potential buyers and spark excitement about mobile applications.

A large part of MobileGov’s fun and exciting culture is the technology that supports its applications. Pivot looked to embrace this technology and developed a concept that capitalized on the slick designs of the hardware to help sell the MobileGov attitude. Taking it one step further Pivot incorporated functionality into the devices by creating an interactive phone that hosted the company’s social media campaigns. Armed with great photography and a flexible WordPress platform, the MobileGov website was ready to take their industry by storm.

The MobileGov site was a blast for us to work on! Creative freedom and a dedicated client certainly go a long way.

Take a second and check them out!

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