Dyn’s Martini Glass Promotion Makes a Splash

Recently, Pivot had the opportunity to help Dyn with the “swag” giveaways for their latest social “DynTini”. DynTinis are Dyn’s way of giving friends, family, clients and coworkers a break from the daily grind. Good food, good company and good music are always staples of any Dyn gathering and this DynTini was no different. Musical guest, Jay Nash rocked the stage as guests enjoyed a variety of drinks, sweet treats and good conversation.

For those of you who don’t know Jay Nash, he is an east coast rock troubadour that has shared the thee stage with everyone from the Counting Crows to Maroon 5. He has logged over a thousand live performances and sold over 25,000 albums without ever having signed a conventional record label deal. He writes songs that are all at once clever and down to earth. Although subdued at times, his voice articulates a quiet power that commands the attention of his listeners. Jay Nash is a ‘lifer’. He’s a musician dedicated to the craft of songwriting and the life of the rock n roll road show. His loyal fan base was built brick by brick. See him once, and you will join them.

Pivot’s hand in all of this excitement were the customized martini glasses that were handed to guests as they arrived. Branded with both the Dyn and CultureCon logo these plastic martini glasses were each armed with an LED light to help illuminate whatever fruity goodness they contained.

As always, the Dyn culture is right in line with how we like to operate here at Pivot. Work hard. Play hard.

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