A New Swirl on Frozen Yogurt

Looking to capitalize on the growing frozen yogurt market the owners of Luv n’ Berry decided to open up a small parlor in Ashburn, Virginia in hopes of one day franchising the business. They wanted to create a light, fun and energetic brand that would best capture the attention of their customers. Additionally, they wanted a self sufficient iconic symbol that could be removed from the logo for certain merchandize and promotional products. The color palette was particularly important because they wanted to be sure it resonated well with their female customers and also had an eco-friendly feel to it.

We were excited to take on this challenge and immediately started thinking of ways to represent frozen yogurt that hadn’t already been done a thousand times before. In the end, we decided that a side view of the dish had been seen throughout the industry, but rarely had competitors taken a birds eye view of the tasty treat – so thats where we started to focus our attention. After a number of ideas were put to paper we stumbled upon the idea of the yogurt’s swirls coming together to form a heart, and the rest is history.

The client was thrilled with the results and signed off on the concept quickly. We have now initiated the promotions stage of their marketing plan and are diligently looking into customized cups, spoons and other promotional items to help enhance their brand.

This was a unique challenge for us but we are excited to be a part of the “Fro-Yo” craze.

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